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Aisha Sasha John

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Aisha Sasha John is a poet and dance improviser. Her publications include THOU (BookThug 2014), Gimme yr little quiet (BookThug 2012) and The Shining Material (BookThug 2011). In Canadian Dancing, Aisha’s current work-in-progress, she continues her practice of collaborating with improvising musicians. Aisha earned an Honours BA in African Studies and Semiotics from the University of Toronto as well as an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Guelph. From 2004-2007, she was a lead dancer with Nouvel Exposé. Born in Montreal, Aisha spent most of her childhood in Vancouver, and currently lives in Toronto.

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On Writing, with Aisha Sasha John

Aisha Sasha John, our November 2014 writer-in-residence, has been called "a poet of centrifugal energy, of reverberant intimacy" (Michael Nardone). She's back this spring with her second book, the follow up to her acclaimed debut The Shining Material. The new collection is THOU (BookThug), which presents two long poems where "each page is the dance floor" according to former Canadian Poet Laureate Fred Wah, who praised the collection for its movement, rhythm and grace. We are speaking with Aisha today about THOU, being compared to Anne Carson and the construct that is "you".

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The painting was the work of a gorilla.




k thanx bye

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