Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

A terribly inexpensive friend

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If you buy a second-hand book, it has a price and some degree of wear. This book was 48 cents.

Many books, second-hand books, are crusty. That’s how come some people won’t buy them. People eat pizza and drink coffee while they’re reading books most of the time. People are into that. This book has cooked tomato stains, orange, all over a page. It’s not that gross. It’s sort of gross. Notice the small chunk of something beneath the word “would.” Incidentally, when I pick my nose at home, I just flick the snot right into the air.

Okay, now—this is frigging weird. So for some scratch-and-sniff reason, the previous owner of this book thought it necessary or useful or holy or wha’ever—to blank out the latter half of this sentence. Now, me—I don’t like puzzles. Anyway, I present this uncooked-chicken mystery to you here:

On the inside back flap of this book you'll find this photo. Look at this photo.

Thank you. Good-bye.

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