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All Hallow’s Reads from the Open Book Team

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Last Halloween a new trend was started,
Where along with candy from books you are parted.

Be it new or old, the book must be bold,
And in haunted delight your attention must hold.

This trick is a treat you'll want to retweet:
Add #AllHallowsRead and be part of the elite.

Lest the spirit of Poe give you a fright,
Share with your friends a book that night!
It's All Hallow's Read!

To get our readers into the Halloween spirit, we’ve decided to share with you our very own All Hallow’s Reads. Here are the top picks from some of the Open Book team:

The Killing Circle by Andrew Pyper.
“It's a terrific and very spooky page-turner, and Pyper's rendering of Kensington Market and Queen and Euclid was so shadowy and sinister it had me peeping at the pages through my fingers and checking I'd locked the door. Warning: if you live in the Kensington Market or Queen & Euclid area, be prepared to sleep with the lights on after reading The Killing Circle late at night.”
- Becky Toyne, freelance editor, publicist and Open Book columnist

"....Evan Munday's spooky YA novel, The Dead Kid Detective Agency."
- Dorothy Ellen Palmer, Open Book's October 2011 Writer in Residence (read Dorothy's interview with Evan here)

“For full-on Halloween creepiness, I recommend you read Derek McCormack's The Haunted Hillbilly. It is a brilliant book. And it is so dark and unsettling and full of funhouse mirrors, it gave me freaky dreams for weeks.”
- Amy Logan Holmes, Open Book's Executive Director

"I recommend Wish Book by Derek McCormack; Pontypool Changes Everything by Tony Burgess; The Night Is A Mouth by Lisa Foad; Feel Good! Look Great! Have a Blast! by Spencer Gordon; The Pornographer's Poem by Michael Turner; Bible Camp Bloodbath by Joey Comeau' Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson; Ronald Reagan, My Father by Brian Joseph Davis; Skinny by Ibi Kaslik."
- Nathaniel G Moore, Open Book columnist

“For a brilliant and profoundly disturbing story, read 'Gutted' from Matthew J. Trafford's collection, The Divinity Gene, then move on to the many other smart and unsettling stories in the book."
- Clelia Scala, Open Book's Managing Editor

Tony Burgess’s People Live Still in Cashtown Corners.
“Be forewarned: it takes a strong stomach to read this grisly book. It is the story of a gas station owner who suddenly snaps and begins a series of murders. The book is written from the perspective of the killer and explores his deranged and complicated mind, and is full of symbolic imagery. Set in the country just north of Toronto, the book is unsettlingly close to home.”
- Monica Golding, Editorial Intern with Open Book

Other great titles from local writers and publishers:

The Frankenstein Murders by Kathlyn Bradshaw (Frankenstein re-imagined as a murder-mystery).
Found: A Body by Betsy Struthers (A murder-mystery set in a small town).
The Bloodlight Chronicles by Steve Stanton (Cyber-punk/supernatural fiction series)
Idaho Winter by Tony Burgess (The mind-bending tale of a tortured character who takes control of his own story).
Pontypool Changes Everything by Tony Burgess (The story of a zombie virus that is spread through spoken words).
In Tongues of the Dead by Brad Kelln (Supernatural thriller).
Mindfield by William Deverell (Psychological thriller).
The Necrophiliac by Gabrielle Wittkop (Gothic Novella).
Spells by R.M. Vaughan (Psychological thriller).

Clockfire by Jonathan Ball (A collection of imaginary plays, often violent and bizarre, that break the boundaries of theatre).
Open Space by Claude Lalumiere (Anthology of Canadian sci-fi, fantasy, and horror).
Return from Erebus by Julia McCarthy (Poetry collection with some darker pieces).

Legends of Dracula by Tom Streissguth (The history of Dracula).

Children's/Young Adult:
Be Afraid! and Be Very Afraid! by Edo Van Belkom (Collection of young-adult horror stories).
The Green Man by Michael Bedard (Collection of children's horror stories).
The Painted Wall by Michael Bedard (Children's fairy tales and ghost stories).
The Flying Canoe by Roch Carriere (Young-Adult fairy tales and ghost stories).
Ghost Trackers by Chris Gidgeon (Young-adult horror).
City of the Dead by Sharon Stewart (Children's horror stories).
The Horrors by Peter Carver (Children's horror stories).
The Dragon Turn by Shane Peacock (Young-adult mystery)

Do you have a spooky title to recommend? Please post it in the comment section below.

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