Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

"Brained & Greased" and "Riding the Yonge line North"

from The SubWay (Bookthug, 2008)
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Brained & Greased

sticky fat
glob of
& gone

12,000 stations of the cross
like Lana on a hot streak

token dull grey eyes

the turnstile maims every trip but this one

Riding the Yonge line North

Rosedale, next station Rosedale

A kind of secret flower, teasing us to seize it

Rosedale, Rosedale

Train stops, the car shifts with passengers leaving and entering, their beaten up shoes, even the high heel ones, looking like blunt-faced amphibians

same tired voice announces

Summerhill, next station Summerhill as the landscape makes its predestined changes

Summerhill, Summerhill

Nothing echoes back except this stripping down
this discarding

Davisville, next station Davisville

We’re shedding history

Davisville, Davisville

Vibrating the body out of its lethargy

doors open and close
backdrop but a synaesthetic explosion too

Eglington, next station Eglinton

A white, synaptic dot in a yellow neural line posted in each subway car
narrated of course, sotto voice and soft shoe