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Profile of Pembroke Publishers

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Profile of Pembroke Publishers

Pembroke was founded in 1985. Its mission was simple: to publish a new kind of book — books to help teachers, librarians and parents meet the challenges of a changing educational world.

And Pembroke stays devoted to that mission today. With a strong focus on literacy, both inside the classroom and out, our books explore everything from reading and writing to grammar and speaking to thinking and the arts to classroom management and educational issues. Most recently, Pembroke has published a number of bestselling titles devoted to the changing face of reading and the role of new technologies in a literate school.

Our authors include leading educators, psychologists, and journalists — David Booth, Kathy Lundy, Christopher Spence, Kathy Paterson, Larry Swartz, among many others. Their dedication to improving education and the lives of children have been an inspiration to educators and families the world over. The work of our authors and dedicated staff resulted in Pembroke being awarded with the Jennie Mitchell Celebrate Literacy Award in 2001 — the first and only publisher to ever be honoured with this prestigious award for excellence in the field of literacy education.

From a list of less than twenty titles in its early days, Pembroke is now the proud publisher of nearly 150 titles that celebrate the joy of learning and literacy. Our books are sold all over the world, and have been translated into more than a dozen languages, including Czech, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Slovenian, Spanish, Serbian, Dutch, Portuguese, Egyptian, Lithuanian, and Swedish… and most recently, Indonesian and Chinese.

You can find out more about Pembroke and our books on our website, at You’ll also want to take advantage of the opportunity to preview one of our newest books, in its entirety, in our Book of the Month section.

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