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Taddle Creek: Summer 2010 Super Tour

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by Nathaniel G. Moore

The state of magazine publishing is in constant flux. Depending on what type of magazine you are — print, online, fashion, politics, literary — there's a whirlwind of hopes and disappointment that awaits you from funding bodies. This summer, one of Canada's most beloved literary magazines is taking things into its own hands as far as promotion goes. This summer, for the first time in the magazine's history, Taddle Creek will hit the road on a multi-city tour that will span many miles, magazine stands and living room sofas. I caught up with Conan Tobias, the magazine's boss, just before he was about to head out the door with his suitcase and sunscreen.

Nathaniel G. Moore:

What made you decide to start a tour for Taddle Creek? Where will you sleep?

Conan Tobias:

Ego. If rocks stars can tour, why not a literary magazine? I just wanted to so I could say I did. Plus it might introduce the magazine to some new people, and the Out-of-Towner issue was the perfect excuse to finally do it. I will sleep a variety of places, from hotels to friends’ houses, to my childhood home. I might stay in a former brothel in Portland, Oregon.


What has it been like since the recent cuts to certain aspects of the magazine program?


Even though our money just ran out with the recent issue, I’m going to say awful. Actually, this was our first issue without the postal subsidy and our postage went up 400 per cent. It’s really going to suck to not have the money to do things like promotion.


What is your main goal with this tour you've come up with?


I’m hoping some people will come out who know the magazine but can’t attend our launches because they don’t live in Toronto, and I hope some people who don’t really know the magazine will come out and fall in love with it, buy an issue and subscribe. I hope the authors touring with us will get some exposure too. Expose all around is what I’m hoping for. Literary groupies would be nice too.


Are you taking the new protégés on tour with you? How is that program (now in its second year) working out?


There’s only one new protégé. But I’m not taking anyone. There’s no money. I’m kind of making this my vacation — the most complicated vacation imaginable. Writers will be joining us (and by us, I mean me) along the way. Jason Kieffer is coming with me to Saint John on his own dime, however. I’m going to bore him to death with a detailed tour of my high school.


For the complete rundown of Taddle Creek's upcoming summer tour, click here

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When you're in Portland, Conan, make sure you introduce Taddle Creek Magazine to Powell's bookstore-- on Burnside and on Southeast Hawthorne. Powell's is one of my favourite bookstores anywhere and they oughta stock "one of Canada's most beloved literary magazines." Have a great tour. Thanks for your post, Nathaniel.

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