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Last night I went to Toronto-based author Andrew Kaufman's book launch for his fourth novel, Born Weird, at the cozy pub Dora Keogh on the Danforth. About halfway through the event, Andrew was interviewed by CBC's Nora Young, and had some inspiring things to say about his new novel in particular and writing in general.

Born Weird is about the five siblings of the Weird family whose grandmother gave them each a "blursing" (blessing and curse) when they were born. Nora began the talk by saying family is a major theme of the book and that Andrew has often said he "grew up in a family so nuclear it glowed" (isn't that the greatest description?) Nora then asked about the novel's magical realism style, to which Andrew replied he likes to "take every day stuff and blow it up to make it really obvious."

Nora also said that forgiveness and compassion are some of the novel's "core elements" and mentioned the "private language" that a family often has. Andrew said family is like a "country -- I live in Canada but I come from Kaufman."

When asked what his own "blursing is" Andrew says it would be writing and that the process of writing a book makes him feel like a different person.

Inspiring, right? That's definitely true -- writing a book makes you feel like you've entered another world, like you're living in two worlds at once.

Born Weird has gotten great reviews in The Globe and Mail and the National Post. I can't wait to read my copy!

For more info. on Born Weird go here:


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Aya Tsintziras

Aya Tsintziras is the author of the YA novel Pretty Bones, which was selected for the Canadian Book Centre's Best Books for Kids and Teens in Spring 2012. She has a BA in Political Science from the University of Toronto and is currently pursuing a Masters of Journalism at Ryerson University.

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