Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

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Entry 2: Michael Lista and Jacob McArthur Mooney

Michael Lista

Book(s): Bloom (House of Anansi, 2010)

Cred: Widespread publication in literary journals. One of a handful of poets who placed a debut book with Anansi (Ken Babstock and Karen Houle being the others of the past while?). Bloom was snubbed from the longlist for Governor General contention, but I predict it to make an appearance on at least two other major lists this year (the Trillium and Lampert for sure).

Long Ago Burned Into Your Brain: An Interview With Damian Rogers

In this interview Damian speaks about the brand new Griffin initiative Poetry In Voice/Les voix de la poésie, her earliest memory of poetry, the aesthetic affinity she feels with popular music, and finally her new work.

Her answers are generous, articulate, and insightful. Enjoy.

JL: Damian it strikes me that you've been quite busy since the launch of Paper Radio. I'm wondering if, firstly, you could tell me a bit about the project you're working on Poetry in Voice and where you are at in the process.

Entry 1: Damian Rogers and Jason Guriel

Damian Rogers

Books: Paper Radio (ECW 2009)

Cred: Ask around. Rogers’ debut Paper Radio has been garnering praise from a long list of poets and poetry enthusiasts. She has published widely in widely read magazines (Maisonneueve, The Walrus, Brick etc.) and Paper Radio (a debut) was nominated for the Relit Award and Pat Lowther Award.

Hello and Welcome: What I’ll Be Doing Here in March

Hello everyone and welcome.

I’m very happy to be the writer in residence for March here on Openbook, and in this post I’d like to give you some indication of a larger project I’d like to complete during my time here. As an aficionado of aggregate websites such as metacritic and allmusic/allmovie, I’ve always felt that a similar sort of categorical tool was missing from literature (GoodReads is the closest thing I can think of, though different). So I’d like to do something like that – as an archival tool, a general interest time-killer, or a send-off point for curious beginners.

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