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Harlan Ellison is my hero

Do you remember some rap song from a few years back, the refrain of which was a lilting female voice asking: "Where's my money? Where's my money??" I used to have a fantasy about downloading that snippet as a sound file and emailing it as an attachment to all the magazine editors who had ignored my invoice for more than a month.

Preach it, Harlan.

At YouTube

picture me making devil horns

What a swell time I had reading at the Fictitious Reading Series last night. It's so great to be part of this TO institution. Everybody rawked. The host, Stuart Ross, rawked. His co-organizer Kate Sutherland? Rawked. My co-reader Jeff Parker? Totally rawked. Audience rawked. I might have even rawked a little once I could be sure no one was looking. Every the art on the freaking walls--my eyes kept lingering on those two ghostly chairs. It was a warm, cozy, all around pleasant literary affair, and I don't often say that about venues where booze isn't served.

By the way, you need to know more about Jeff Parker. Go here for that:

Jeff has a beard, but no moustache. It's mesmerizing.

Leonard Cohen Mocked

And it's about time too. Last night at the Drake Sean Cullen did an impromptu impersonation of the uberdroner singing a medley of upbeat Christmas standards such as Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and Jinglebells. And I am here to tell you: it was good. Imagine if you were dying of some disease that had ravaged your esophagus and you were on your deathbed and every noise you uttered was an unspeakable torment and then you decided to bust out a few verses of Jingle Bells. Like that.

ow my head

Can't we come to some kind of gentleman's agreement in Canada that we will henceforth comport ourselves as the kind of civilized, intelligent population that doesn't yank works of literature out of the hands of children only to replace them with pitchforks and torches with which to roust the godless book-writin' heathens?

Can't we do that? Must we remain a Simpson's episode our whole lives, with Helen Lovejoy forever shrieking "Won't someone think of the children!?" in the background?

a page on the information superhighway which those who are interested in issues of concern to creative writers may like to visit

My friend Jessica told me about this great place for writers on the web. It's name? Wait for it. "Places for Writers".

Tons o' stuff Tuesday

I must be in Toronto. Lookit all the book-stuff going on tonight! How will you decide?


Mansfield Press celebrates the launch of its fall poetry titles by Christopher Doda, Lillian Necakov and Steve Venright with a reading and billiards party!

Tuesday, November 20, from 6:30 till late.
The Rivoli Pool Hall, 334 Queen West

Readings at 7:30. Pool tables on the press till 10.
Door prizes, munchies, and cash bar.

Your host: Denis De Klerck, Mansfield publisher and editor Your emcee: Stuart Ross, Mansfield associate editor

Your authors:

Christopher Doda - Aesthetics Lesson
Lillian Necakov - The Bone Broker
Steve Venright - Floors of Enduring Beauty

We'd love to see you there!


hear me roar

. . .And by roar I mean 'read'. From something I've written. I don't know what it will be yet, but I'll be reading it at the Fictitious Reading Series on November 25.

See? http://www.fictitiousreadingse...

whither snark?

So, Lizzie Hay walked off with the big prize. That's not particularly galling at all, gall-darn it. I'll just have to save my snarky remarks for America's Next Top Model tonight, where they properly belong I suppose. Lord knows it would be downright perverse to combine snark and literary culture--that sort of thing's just not done here in TO. We're above it, you see.

I wonder if anyone has started using this blog as a makeshift TV listing yet.

Oh yeah

Isn't there some kind of fiction award thingy going on tonight? The. . .Galler? (Oh, it's bound to be a galler all right. Hyuk hyuk.)

Not to be a bad Torontonian, but I'm kind of rooting for Alissa York.

Random link:

Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Arts

I didn't go to the Insomniac launch. Surprise! I stayed home and watched the American Masters on Carol Burnett and cried at the end when she sang "I'm so Glad we Had this Time Together" and jiggled her ear.

Meanwhile, more Facebook poaching. It's a good thing Paul Vermeesch stays on top of this kind of thing. . .Pretty wonderful news really. Ontario rawks.

***$100,000 Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Arts***

Is there an Ontario artist or arts organization that inspires you?
This is your chance to nominate them!

Deadline for nominations: December 3, 2007

Artists and arts organizations in Ontario enrich and inform our lives. That’s why, this year, we’re awarding both individual artists and an arts organization with the Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Arts.

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