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Writing and Writers - G. Malcolm Kelly

At first glance, what you notice about Malcolm Kelly is his energy. On closer inspection, what strikes me is his thoughtful intelligence, his passion for his work and his determination to be clearly understood. That particular skill comes in handy for the man who not only works as a writer for CBC Sports but who is the Program Coordinator for the Sports Journalism Graduate program at Centennial College in Toronto.

Intrigued by the path that brought him to 4 published books, I sat down with him to have a chat.

If it's August - It's Taking the Ice Time

I have been spending time this weekend at the Figure Skating Boutique’s Thornhill Summer Competition in an arena complex just north of Toronto. It is a competition that has been around for a very long time (I competed in it!) and went through a variety of locations before landing in Thornhill at the Community Centre.

Behind The Altar

One of my book choices for this WIR term, was Behind The Altar – Secrets of a Minister’s Daughter written by L. Lisa Bodnarchuk and published by General Store Publishing House.

Not sure what to expect, I took the cue from the tail end of her introduction where she says: “Nurture your children. Do not use them. They are not responsible for your success or failure.
If you are planning on having children, heed the messages interwoven into my stories. If you have already brought up your children and identify with my stories, try to make peace with them before it is too late.”

Writing and Writers - Sarah Pashagumskum

As I have been reading over the course of the last 2 weeks, it has started me thinking a lot more about writing. You see, I am not much of a "planner" - I am much more of a "doer". I like to think of myself as a "human living" rather than a "human being." It seems there are as many ways to approach writing as there are writers.

The Butterfly Mosque

I decided when I was offered the opportunity to be the WIR for Open Book Toronto, that I would take a look at some books that I normally wouldn't have thought to. The Butterfly Mosque by Willow Wilson is one of those books.

Initially I was interested by the synopsis wherein a young (American) woman comes to a conclusion slowly that she would like to convert to Islam and when an opportunity comes up for her to move to Cairo, Egypt after graduation from University, she jumps at it. She comes to feel at home, meets the man she will marry and eventually formalizes her conversion.

I am a Language Nerd :)

It's true; I am a Language Nerd (LN) and proud of it. My mother will tell you that I have always been fascinated by words and word play. What I will tell you is stay away from my mother unless you want to hear a whole lot more than that....but I digress.

Diversity and the case for Chinese Grandmas

For those of you who do not know me, I am a city girl. I often talk about the fact that if it "has chlorine and concrete" I am going to like it. I know I should be saying how much 'I love the outdoors', but I don't. The good news is at my age and stage(read mature), I get to say what I want especially when it's about me.
I love nothing more than having some time to wander around a city and my home town of Toronto is one of my favourites. It's not like I don't have a lot of cities to compare it to, I do, and it still comes out on top. My reason is clear, I appreciate diversity.
From one end of the city to the other we have the chance to be able to capture moments in other cultures, languages and ideas in untold numbers of neighbourhoods.

I'm Here! (Now...where is that exactly?!)

Hi OBers!
I have a couple of things I would like to let you know: first of all, I "borrowed" 'OBers' from Thom Vernon, the July WIR, whose blog I followed last month. Basically, although I was thrilled to be approached to be the Open Book Toronto, WIR, I didn't really know what I should be doing or what to expect. So....under the cover of darkness and by the hum of my necessary but very unPC AC, I followed along with Thom on his WIR journey to try and be prepared. Sadly, I am not as much prepared as I am richer for the experience: Thom's month of WIRness is a tough act to follow!

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