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Last words: yet another numbered list

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Well my month as Open Book: Toronto's Writer-In-Residence has come to a close. Here's what Iearned:

1. Numbered lists makes for lazy writing, but people love them.
Some of my most popular posts were numbered lists. For example, “10 Things I Wish I’d Known 10 years ago: Letter to my 30 year old self” got over 1050 hits. If I could find a way to write a novel as a numbered list, I’d do it.

2. Html code #@%! sucks.
This Wordpress Blogwala had little patience for OpenBook’s non-user-friendly technology. Someone throw some money at them so they can bring their site into this decade, please.

3. All plans fail.
I planned out my posts in advance, scheduling them so that they’d go up every other day. Then I changed topics, added interviews, caught a cold. Like Toronto’s streetcars, my posts bunched up more than I would have liked.

4. I love promoting other writers.
Well, I already knew that. What I really loved was being able to promote other writers in a forum that attracts plenty of readers. Did you check out the posts about Elisha Lim, Vivek Shraya, Elizabeth Ruth and Jorge Antonio Vallejos?

5. I love collaborating with other writers on posts.
This is something I don’t usually do as a writer. Did you check out the John Degen’s remarks about grant writing or John Miller’s and Laurie LeClair’s ideas about writing groups?

6. Writing a blog about writing helped me self-reflect on, and learn more about my writing life.
Well, I suppose that should have been obvious... I clarified my thoughts about self-promotion, considered the success of my writing retreat, and pondered my needs around touring.

7. I made new friends through blogging.
Some came on board through Twitter while others took the advice of my “10 Things…” post and friended me on Facebook. Thanks to everyone who retweeted, reposted and left comments.

8. Being paid to write is a really good thing.
Thanks Open Book: Toronto! What more is there to say?

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Hope you had fun, Farzana! It was a blast on this end, too.

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Farzana Doctor

Farzana Doctor is a Toronto-based author and the recipient of the Writers' Trust of Canada's Dayne Ogilvie Grant for an emerging gay Canadian author (2011). Her first novel, Stealing Nasreen, received critical acclaim and earned a devoted readership upon its release in 2007. She is currently touring her second book, Six Metres of Pavement (Dundurn 2011).

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