Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

A Beautiful Truth

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A Beautiful Truth by Colin McAdam

Hamish Hamilton, March 2013

from Hamish Hamilton Canada:

Walt and Judy are deeply in love, but Judy longs for a child and finds that life is holding few surprises. Walt measures all beauty against Judy but doesn’t want her eyes to get any sadder. They stay side by side and search for distractions, realizing they may never have a family. On a day when hope seems low, Walt finds an unexpected opportunity in the pages of Life magazine. They meet Looee, who was born in Sierra Leone, and they raise him at home in the hills of Vermont and regard him as their son.

Looee is a hurricane in clothes. The house is torn apart, Judy asks questions of herself, and is judged by friends and strangers, but the three of them find their rhythm and eventually settle in to their own version of love and life between four walls.

And then one night their unique family life is changed forever.

Told simultaneously from the perspective of humans and chimpanzees, and in a way that only a literary master such as Colin McAdam can, A Beautiful Truth is a novel of great heart and wisdom that exposes the yearnings, cruelty, and resilience of all great apes.