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Cemetery of the Nameless by Rick Blechta

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Cemetery of the Nameless by Rick Blechta

RendezVous Press, 2005

This is the second outing for Victoria Morgan, violin virtuoso extraordinaire, and her long-suffering husband Oscar Lukesh, affectionately known as Rocky.

This time out, while playing to a full house in Vienna’s famous “Golden Hall,” Tory abruptly stops her concert, walks offstage and disappears into the night, leaving behind an angry and puzzled audience. Why would someone so intent on her career do something so damaging?

Tory’s decision to leave proves to be fatal when she is accused of the brutal murder of a wealthy and powerful Austrian aristocrat. While the press hounds anyone who knows her for answers, it appears Tory is running from them, the police and even her husband. Or is she?

At the heart of the story is a mysterious violin concerto of incredible worth. Is it truly by Beethoven? Was Tory to be the first to perform this dream piece, or were these things just promises used to bait a trap? Now it looks as if it’s up to Rocky to help save Tory from herself and figure out who is committing the growing number of murders – if it isn’t his wife.

Set in Montreal, and Vienna, the greatest city for music in the world, this novel is darker, less light-hearted than Rick's previous outings, but no less compelling.

"Rick Blechta is fast making his way up the ranks of the newer generation of Canadian crime writers and Cemetery of the Nameless should only serve to hasten his progress." -- Peter Robinson

"Rick Blechta is a musician first, a writer second. When he combines the two he produces magic with an intense, suspenseful story that will not let you go." -- Angel L. Soto,

Visit Rick's website to read the prologue to the novel.