Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

The Crystal Palace

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The Crystal Palace

Mansfield Press, October 2011

From Mansfield Press:

Carey Toane’s much-anticipated first collection of poetry starts at the 1851 Great Exhibition in London. Through this early world’s fair, Toane examines our current relationship to our man-made and natural environments. This eclectic, adventurous work, blurring the lines of two centuries of human folly and achievement, is filled with curious animals, anachronisms, and anxieties galore.

“This remarkable debut teems with Carey Toane’s piquant wit and perspicacious gaze. Both wisecracking and wise, these poems explore how we shape the cultural and natural environments around us, and wonder at the very human experiences of contradiction, beauty, technology, happiness, and invention. Yes, there’s no time like the present (whenever that was or will be), and we could use a guide like The Crystal Palace to help us with our hopes and our hungers.”
— Gary Barwin, author of The Porcupinity of the Stars