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Featured Children's Book: How Baseball Works by Keltie Thomas

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Featured Children's Book: How Baseball Works by Keltie Thomas

Maple Tree Press, 2008

Originally published in 2004, this highly successful look at the science behind the sport has been updated to become the most informative book yet about North America's favorite pastime.

Whether readers have their sights set on big-league grand slams or just want the inside scoop on everything baseball, How Baseball Works has something for everyone. Text that is as fast-paced to read as the game is to play, delves into all aspects of the sport. Great insider information includes:

  • the precise science of maintaining a baseball diamond
  • the tricky science of throwing a winning pitch
  • finding the sweet spot on a bat, reading a pitch to hit a home run
  • the inside story of the bat, ball, and glove
  • the secrets of explosive moves: running bases and chasing a ball down
  • how to decode the stats on each player
  • the science of fitness and preventing injuries

A bold, energetic, panoramic design accompanies eye-catching illustrations as well as exciting photos of professional players past and present. Engaging running text addresses readers on their own level, and includes features such as "Quick Hit" factoids, "Star" baseball cards with stories of the pros, "Tip" baseball cards with hints for improving your own game, and fun "Try This!" activities to help develop related skills. "Legends of the Game" pages at the end of each chapter introduce young readers to some of the most impressive players in baseball history. A "Rules and Regs" section and "Baseball Talk" at the back of the book are jam-packed with all the lingo and information to make any reader an expert at the basics of the game.

From the catalogue. Find out more about How Baseball Works at the Maple Tree Press website.