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Featured Children's Book: Zoe’s Extraordinary Holiday Adventure

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Featured Children's Book: Zoe’s Extraordinary Holiday Adventure

Second Story Press, Fall 2007

About Zoe’s Extraordinary Holiday Adventure:
Zoe’s story celebrates diversity, strength, and the ties that bind people who seem different, but really aren’t.

Zoe mostly has it good. Her parents are nice, her brother isn’t half bad, and her dog Ella is amazing. But Zoe thinks her life is boring – nothing ever changes. She’s stuck in her wheelchair and her parents never let her do anything fun. And it really bugs her that some of the kids think she’s not smart just because her body doesn’t always do what she wants.

Then in the midst of the holiday season, Zoe learns about the diverse cultures of her friends at school, and realizes she’s not the only different one in class. While celebrating the traditions of Christmas, Hanukkanh, Kwanzaa, Divali and Eid, she realizes that excitement can arrive in weird and challenging ways. Will Zoe succeed when she needs to take charge for the first time? Or, is having adventures really not as great as she thought?

About the author:
Christina Minaki is a librarian who graduated with a Master’s degree in Information Studies from the University of Toronto in 2004. She is a strong advocate for the rights of women, children, and people with disabilities, and one of the main purposes of her writing is to give a voice to the need for all forms of equality. She lives and writes in Toronto. Zoe’s Extraordinary Holiday Adventures is her first novel for children.

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