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Featured Fiction: The Penalty Box by Larry O'Connor

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Featured Fiction: The Penalty Box by Larry O'Connor

Canadian Scholars' Press, 2007

About the book:
Kyle Callendar, like hundreds of working-class Canadian boys, sees hockey as his one shot at glory. But that elusive glory is not aways what it seems.

Both a gripping father-son narrative and a harsh and searching look at Canada's national obsession, The Penalty Box tells the story of Kyle, an ex-pro hockey player and official escort to the Stanley Cup. Kyle's father, a World War II veteran, is a remote man who overvalues the manliness of hockey and sees Kyle's talent for the game as his life's work.

But in his father's eyes, Kyle can never measure up, never skate fast enough, hit hard enough, bring home girls beautiful enough. As he grows in his skill and his own love for the game, Kyle discovers he's unable to find an identity outside of hockey, even when the game is responsible for a painful secret that he can't bring himself to accept. It is the unravelling of that secret - one that is shared by many hockey players in this taciturn man's world - that drives Kyle to a breaking point and finally forces him to re-evaluate himself, his relationships, and his complex feelings for the sport that consumes him.

About the author:
Larry O'Connor is currently an editor with the New York Post. His first book, Tip of the Iceberg, was short-listed for the William Saroyan International Prize for Writing. For more information about the author visit

To read more about The Penalty Box visit the Canadian Scholars' Press website.