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Featured Non-Fiction: GreenTOpia: Towards a Sustainable Toronto

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Coach House Books, Fall, 2007

Yesterday, Coach House Books launched the third book in their uTOpia series, GreenTOpia: Towards a Sustainable Toronto. The editors asked “imaginative Torontonians to think both big and small about how we might make our city more environmentally wise and responsible.” The book is a collection of their responses. Read excerpts from GreenTOpia in Eye Weekly and The Toronto Star.

About the book:
Gardening the Gardiner. Hydrogen-fuelled cabs. Rooftop Power.™ Rainwater harvesting. A new model of taxation. The art of salvage. Drinking less coffee. Composters for dog poo in city parks. Ravine City.

What would make Toronto a greener place?

This third book in the uTOpia series asked imaginative Torontonians to think both big and small about how we might make our city more environmentally wise and responsible. They responded with immodest proposals and how-to tips, thoughtful considerations and flights of fancy that just might work. They wrote essays long and short, taking stock of how far we’ve come in the struggle to green ourselves and providing suggestions for simple actions with big effects. Their ideas – sometimes playful, sometimes pie-in-the-sky – offer brazen new perspectives on transportation, garbage, trees, energy, water, animals and green space and arrive at imaginative and ingenious solutions to the problems plaguing all modern cities.

GreenTOpia features a resources section, including profiles of key eco-friendly groups in the GTA, a directory of green organizations, as well as a how-to guide and a fun-facts section.

Includes contributions by Jacob Allderdice, Heather Marie Annis, Bert Archer, Anna Bowness, Chris Caners, Man Hin Aaron Cheng, Daniel Aldana Cohen, Dana Cook, Brendan Cormier, Steven Dale, John Degen, Liliana da Silva, Georgie Donais, Dale Duncan, Jerry Englar, Liz Forsberg, Mark Fram, Peter Fruchter, Chris Hardwicke, Amy L. Harris, Danny Harvey, Sarah B. Hood, Marney Isaac, Seana Irvine, Todd Irvine, Lorraine Johnson, Michael Layton, Eva Ligeti, John Lorinc, Pasha Malla, Andrew McCammon, Eric and Rose McMillan, Erin MacKeen, James MacNevin, Katherine Morley, Catherine Nasmith, Marc Ngui, Darren O’Donnell, Kerry Potts, Brian Purcell, Paul Raff, Wayne Reeves, Laura Reinsborough, Colin Ripley, Len Rydahl, Beth Savan, Eduardo Sousa, Rymal Smith, Devyani Srinivasan, Graeme Stewart, Keith Stewart, Geoffrey Th�n, Jason van Eyk, Kathy Velikov, David Wachsmuth, The Waste Diversion Workshop, Bram Westfall and Margaret Zeidler.

Visit the Coach House website for GreenTOpia’s table of contents and to find out about the great deal that the press is offering on all three books in the uTOpia series.