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Featured Non-Fiction: The Orange Trees Of Baghdad by Leilah Nadir

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Featured Non-Fiction: The Orange Trees Of Baghdad by Leilah Nadir

Key Porter, 2007

About the book:
Born to an Iraqi-Christian father and a British mother, and raised in Britain and Canada, Leilah Nadir has never set foot on Iraqi soil. Distanced from her Iraqi roots through immigration and now cut off by war, the closest link she has to the nation is through her father, who left Baghdad in the 1960s when he was sixteen to pursue his studies in England. His Iraq is of mythical origins; his beginnings are in a garden at the family home that now lays vacant.

Through her father’s memories, Leilah recounts her family’s lost story, from Iraq at the turn of the twentieth century during the British occupation, to the Iraq-Iran War and the Gulf War. Through her cousins still living in Baghdad, she experiences the thunderous explosions of the present-day conflict, and Leilah’s friend, award-winning photographer Farah Nosh, brings home news of Leilah’s family after her visits to Iraq, as well as stunning photos of civilians and their often tragic stories.

The Orange Trees of Baghdad is at once harrowing, touching and painfully human. An unforgettable debut.

About the author:
Leilah Nadir is a freelance writer who has written and broadcast political commentaries for the CBC, The Globe and Mail and the Georgia Straight, and published a feature article in Brick Magazine. She has a Master's degree in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh and a Joint Honours Bachelor's degree in English and History from McGill University. She has worked in London and Vancouver in the publishing industry. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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