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Featured Poetry: I'm not going to lie to you by Michael Blouin

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Featured Poetry: I'm not going to lie to you by Michael Blouin

Pedlar Press, October 2007

About the book:
The poems in Im not going to lie to you arise from a place of inquiry into the nature of that which we call home and of the people whom we call loved. Blouins poems pay tribute to perfectly made omelettes, tire tracks in snow, a wife dressing by the closet light, and a father, a pilot in World War II whose stories still hold their strength even as his grip fails. Punk rock, hitchhikers, Artie Shaw, bobblehead lobsters, bar room encounters with dead poets, guns and vodka all conspire to invoke a sense that there is a purpose to each of our days, hesitatingly strung together.

Blouin knows that as we shuffle papers, as we turn day to day, we distract ourselves with minutiae, all of us afflicted with ineffable longings. These are poems that linger over the small details of a life, reminding us that in these small details wonder and awe might exist.

About the author:
Michael Blouin resides in Oxford Mills, a rural community near Ottawa. He has been published in literary magazines across Canada, including The Antigonish Review, Queens Quarterly, Descant, Grain and Event, among others. He has been the recipient of the Diana Brebner Prize for Poetry from Arc, Canadas National Poetry Magazine, as well as the Lillian I. Found Prize for Poetry from Carleton University. He holds a degree in Fine Arts from York and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto. He is currently completing a Master of Arts in English at Carleton. His work has been shortlisted for the National Magazine Awards and his online home can be found at This is his first collection of poetry.