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Featured Poetry: The Sentinel by A.F. Moritz

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Featured Poetry: The Sentinel by A.F. Moritz

House of Anansi Press, 2008

Head to the Anansi Poetry Bash on Thursday, April 17 at LeVack Block (88 Ossington Ave.) to celebrate the launch of The Sentinel by A.F. Moritz, Revolver by Kevin Connolly and Chameleon Hours by Elise Partridge. Visit our events page for details.

About The Sentinel: Mortality, Love, Ethics, Civilization, Divine Presence, Human Body, Modernity, The Natural World, and Constructed Spaces. The Sentinel watches and reports back to us in a voice that is timeless and worthy of trust. Whether describing renewal and regeneration, the despair brought on by global capitalism, or a place where decay and loss meet their antithesis, A. F. Moritz's magisterial voice, rare insight, and supple craft are on impressive display.

A.F. Moritz has written more than 10 books of poetry, has been a finalist for the Governor General's Award, and has won the Award in Literature of the American Academy of the Arts and a Guggenheim Fellowship. He lives in Toronto and teaches at Victoria University. A. F. Moritz recently won Poetry magazine's Bess Hokin Prize for 2004. Moritz was honoured for his poem "The Sentinel," published in January 2004.

From the catalogue. Read more about The Sentinel by A.F. Moritz at the Anansi website.