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Featured Poetry: Woodshedding by S.E. Venart

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Featured Poetry: Woodshedding by S.E. Venart

Brick Books, 2007

About the book:
Adopting woodshedding - a jazz term for arduous, solitary rehearsal – as her writing practice, Venart has honed both her craft and a seeing heart.

Whatever their subject — the unwinding of lovers, childhood as the foundation of being, the metaphorical life of everyday objects and events —S.E. Venart’s poems show us a kind of courage that is quotidian. Surviving childhood, surviving failed love, finding solace in the self, and reinvigorating that self: this is the world Venart reveals to us, in all its prescient detail. A honest and lyrical first book.

...The car gained momentum, sped down hills.

Over one tanned sister’s shoulder I saw vivid fields

locked behind white lengths of birch. Wires loped

between attendant poles. Strapped into our seats,

we had in common things we couldn’t get at.

Up on the wires, small birds alighted, fluttered off

as if together they’d all heard

the same charged message.

-- from "Power Lines"

S.E.Venart’s work has been published in many Canadian journals and magazines. Recent awards include This Magazine's Great Canadian Literary Hunt and the CBC-QWF Short Story Award. She received fellowships to attend writing retreats in Europe, the US and Canada. Venart lives in Montreal with her husband, Mathieu Robitaille, and their daughter, Olive. She teaches literature and creative writing at John Abbott College.

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