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Featured YA Book: The Alchemist's Dream by John Wilson

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Featured YA Book: The Alchemist's Dream by John Wilson

Key Porter, September 2007

The Alchemist's Dream is a finalist for the 2007 Governor General’s Literary Award (Children’s Text).

About the book:
In the fall of 1669, the Nonsuch returns to London with a load of fur from Hudson Bay. It brings something else, too-the lost journal from Henry Hudson’s tragic search for a passage to Cathay in 1611.

In the hands of a greedy sailor, the journal is merely an object to sell. But for Robert Bylot-a once-great maritime explorer-the book is a painful reminder of a past he’d rather forget. As Bylot relives his memories of a plague-ridden city, of the mysterious alchemist John Dee, and of mutiny in the frozen wastes of Hudson Bay, an age-old mystery is both revealed and solved.

Set against the thrilling backdrop of the quest for the Northwest Passage, The Alchemist’s Dream is a riveting tale of exploration, ambition, and betrayal

About the author:
John Wilson, an ex-geologist and frustrated historian, is the award-winning author of twelve historical fictions, most recently Four Steps to Death, Flames of The Tiger, And in the Morning, and Where Soldiers Lie. He has also authored five non-fiction books for young adults, including a biography of John Rae (Discovering the Arctic) and a book about the geology of Canada (Dancing Elephants and Floating Continents), a novel for adults (North with Franklin), over thirty poems, and hundreds of freelance articles. He lives and writes in Lantzville on Vancouver Island.