Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Featured YA Book: Girl from Mars by Tamara Bach

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Featured YA Book: Girl from Mars by Tamara Bach

Groundwood Books, 2008

Miriam is fifteen and she has lived in the same little town her whole life, going to school with the same kids who know everything about her. But now she's in high school and wishing she lived in a big city where she could meet new people and see new things. In other words, like fifteen-year-olds everywhere, Miriam is desperately waiting for her life to start happening. Something, anything -- a first love, perhaps.

And then love comes, in a completely unexpected way, when Miriam meets a new classmate, Laura. Suddenly, life is very complicated and unsettling, as Miriam finds herself lying to her girlfriends, avoiding her brother's probing questions, and second guessing every move she makes. At the same time she's constantly on edge trying to figure out Laura's moods and exactly how her arrogant friend Philip fits into her life.

Then Philip, Miriam and Laura take a weekend trip to the big city - a trip that makes everything clear, and more confusing than ever.

Tamara Bach was born in 1976 in Limburg, Germany, and she has been writing since she was sixteen. She spent her teen years living in Oppenheim - a small town very much like Miriam's - and, like Miriam, wishing she lived in a big city. Today she lives and writes in Berlin, where she also works in young people's television and theater.