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Featured YA Book: How It Happened in Peach Hill by Marthe Jocelyn

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Featured YA Book: How It Happened in Peach Hill by Marthe Jocelyn

Tundra Books, 2007

The year is 1924, the heyday of the revived Spiritualist movement. Fourteen-year-old Annie and her mother are successful purveyors of psychic chicanery; they move from town to town, cashing in on the fad for clairvoyant guidance.

When they arrive in Peach Hill, Annie is once again compelled into her part of the act: she has to pretend that she’s the village idiot in order to more easily listen in on gossip that her mother can put to use as a fake seer. But something happens in Peach Hill. Annie’s tired of missing school, drooling and keeping her eyes crossed. This is not the way to attract the kind of male attention she wants. She decides to drop the guise, but no sooner than she does, her mother comes up with a new scam. Now she’s a faith healer and Annie’s troubles have just begun.

This is Marthe Jocelyn at the height of her powers as a novelist. How it Happened in Peach Hill is by turns funny, suspenseful and heartbreaking as it explores the world of those who peddle hope and comfort for profit.

Marthe Jocelyn is an award-winning author and illustrator who worked for many years as a toy designer before turning her hand to writing. Her picture book, Hannah’s Collections, was shortlisted for a Governor General’s Literary Award for Illustration. Her novel, Mable Riley, won the first TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award. She has created five picture books, written six novels, one work of nonfiction for older readers and edited one collection of short stories. Her website is

From the catalogue. Read more about How It Happened in Peach Hill by Marthe Jocelyn at the Tundra Books website.