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Featured YA Book: How to Make a Wave by Lisa Hurst-Archer

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Featured YA Book: How to Make a Wave by Lisa Hurst-Archer

Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2008

Delia keeps people away - she thinks she's ugly, she thinks her family is weird; her mom took off and went to India when Delia was a little girl. Delia keeps her distance from others though she has a good friend in Aunt Shirley who helps her to realize that all people have hurts and problems. Through her conversations with Shirley and her explorations in art class, Delia uncovers memories of a car accident, which lead her to discover a hurtful secret at the centre of her family.

Shirley is compassionate and honest, though she doesn’t allow Delia to wallow in self-pity and anger. She shares with Delia her own hurts and disappointments and so does the art teacher, Ms. Murti. Delia discovers that she’s been self-absorbed and has built walls to separate herself from others.

Gradually, she is able to accept truth, and to be honest about her pain. She is able to consider that life is full of terrible beautiful aching mystery and that sometimes a coincidence is more than coincidence, it may have to do with something greater, with the alignment of universal forces - with the making of a wave.

Lisa Hurst-Archer was born in Windsor, Ontario. Her mother's family came to Prince Edward Island from the British Isles and the island of Guernsey. Her father's people came to Waterloo County via Pennsylvania as part of a migration of Mennonites. Lisa loves to travel and share stories along the way but always likes to come home to the wide open skies of Alberta. She regards the Rocky Mountains and the rolling prairie as her good medicine.

From the catalogue. Visit the Fitzhenry & Whiteside website to read more about How to Make a Wave.