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Featured YA Book: Leaving Simplicity by Claire Carmichael

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Featured YA Book: Leaving Simplicity by Claire Carmichael

Annick Press, 2007

About Leaving Simplicity:

What if advertisements ruled the world?

Taylor and Barrett may be cousins, but they’re from different worlds. Taylor lives in high-tech luxury, the daughter of high-profile advertising specialists. Barrett was raised by his uncle in an eco-cult called Simplicity. When his uncle dies, Barrett is whisked away to live with Taylor and her power parents.

Barrett is deeply distressed by the “Chattering World” where invasive advertising screams out from improbable places—on the sides of cars, on the bathroom mirror, even on the shirts of his teachers. Taylor, on the other hand, loves it and wants her “farmie” cousin to embrace it too.

Barrett soon discovers that his aunt and uncle have a hidden agenda: there is a lot to gain from finding out the effects of advertising on an untouched mind. When Barrett’s worst suspicions are confirmed, only Taylor, and the horrible secret she discovers about her family, can expose the truth. To do so, she must turn her back on everything she’s been raised to believe.

Thrilling and thought-provoking, Leaving Simplicity takes readers into a wildly driven consumer society that seems only a heartbeat away from our own.

About the author:
As a child growing up in Sydney, Australia, Claire Carmichael enjoyed playing every kind of sport and reading. Among the many books she loved, her favorites included Anne of Green Gables and all of L.M Montgomery's books.

Her writing career started very early on when as a young child, she would delight in telling other kids gruesome ghost stories, which she later wrote down. Since then, she has written numerous books for every age group from picture books to young adult fiction, plays, textbooks as well as two self-help books on popular psychology.

Claire is still an avid sportswoman, but now adds science to her list of interests. She currently lives in Los Angeles where she is a Senior Instructor at the UCLA Extension/Writers Program. Teaching advanced novel workshops is something she particularly enjoys, especially when her students get published

Her advice to aspiring authors is to read as much as you can and then write about what you love most to read.

Visit the Annick Press website to check out suggested teaching activities for Leaving Simplicity and to look inside the book.