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Featured YA Books: The Freak and The Freak Visions

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Featured YA Books: The Freak and The Freak Visions

Key Porter, 2007

About The Freak:
What if, one day, you woke up psychic? What if, suddenly, you could see things, know things-about your friends and family, even your new boyfriend-that you couldn't, and maybe shouldn't, know? What would you do?

When fifteen-year-old Jade wakes up from a life-threatening illness with some unexpected new abilities, her life takes an interesting turn. What she knows - and inadvertently tells - about her friends' most personal thoughts and feelings isn't exactly improving her social life. In fact, many of her friends are beginning to avoid her now that she's different; now that she's a freak. Jade would do anything to be normal again. But what if something is about to happen, something terrible, and she alone knows it. Can she really do nothing to stop it?

About The Freak Visions:
Jade is having nightmares. It's been a few months since the episode at the synagogue - a few months since she discovered her strange new "powers" - and she's pretty sure that a dream is no longer just a dream. Especially these dreams. How else do you explain seeing someone in your sleep who ends up on the front page of the morning paper-the victim of a murder? And what happens when one of the intended victims turns out to be someone a little too close to home? This time, Jade is more than willing to use her abilities to solve the murder. But will she figure it out in time?

About the author:
Carol Matas is the internationally acclaimed author of over thirty novels for children and young adults, including The Freak, Lisa, Jesper, Past Crimes, and The Rosie Trilogy. Her best-selling work, which includes three award-winning series, has been translated into Spanish, Japanese, Taiwanese, Turkish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, German, French, Indonesian and Russian. Her website is

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