Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

The Going Rate: A Matt Minogue Mystery

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The Going Rate by John Brady

McArthur & Company, 2009

From the publisher's website:

reland's Hundred Thousand Welcomes continues to draw waves of immigrants and refugees to its still-roaring 'Celtic Tiger' economy. In Dublin's teeming streets, every second person seems to be Polish. For those hundreds of thousands of Poles — Catholic, hard-working, white and like the Irish, survivors of an overbearing neighbour — Ireland works.

But the Tiger devours too, and barely a week in Ireland, 20 year old Tadeusz Klos lies in a coma on the rainswept streets of Ireland's capital. He will not survive. This beating death is a new low, a tipping point. Gang violence and brazen shootings have already made Dublin's streets a battleground this last decade. This year gang on gang murders have escalated. Now, with outrage in the press in Poland and Ireland, the Gardai - Ireland's police - must come up with answers. Violent crime in Dublin is out of control, editorials declare. Can a team of Guards from a city station really do the job? And should the fabled specialist Murder Squad really have been disbanded three years ago?