Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

The Honey Locust

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The Honey Locust

Cormorant Books, 2009

Globe-trotting photojournalist Angela Thomas has spent all 32 years of her life dreaming of far-off places. Nothing that has happened to her thus far — the dysfunction of her family, the failure of her marriage — can convince her that ‘home’ is where she belongs. Though she won’t admit it, her job is as much an escape as it is a passion. Every foreign assignment is a chance to trade gnawing family conflicts in for situations that may kill her but won’t break her heart.

Everything changes when Angela is sent to cover the war in Yugoslavia. She has survived strife and destruction before, but this time is different; this time, the people around her refuse to remain at arm’s length, filtered by a camera lens. Through the unexpected attachments she makes, Angela’s eyes are finally opened to a view that casts her old life and her old problems in a completely different light.

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