Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

The Lark Ascending by Rick Blechta

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The Lark Ascending by Rick Blechta

Castlefield Press, 1993

Rick’s second novel is set in the classical music world. Victoria Morgan is a rising, young violin virtuoso who doesn't always have her feet firmly planted on the ground. She's invited to play at a prestigious music competition in London. The only prize is a Stradivarius violin -- and worldwide media attention.

Accompanied on the trip by her trumpet-playing husband, it doesn't take long for trouble to happen. A fellow competitor and good friend of Tory is murdered -- and it looks as if Tory's next. In order to save her life while they try to discover what in heaven’s name is going on, Tory and Oscar (whom everyone calls Rocky -- you'll have to read the book to find out why!) take off into the English countryside.

The solution is not what they would ever have imagined, and sorely tries their relationship, tests their resolve and ultimately shows them the value of true friendship and honesty. And you thought classical musicians are dull...

Go to Rick's website to read samples from the opening of the book.