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My Favorite American

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My Favorite American

General Store Publishing House, 2008

My Favorite American is the biography of Pennsylvania’s Valen Cover, a remarkable young woman who fought back from the brink of death more than once to become a beacon of hope to all who know her.

Valen, who is now twenty-five years old and living a normal life, has been through a life-and-death struggle with serious illnesses such as pancreatitis, scoliosis, seizures and polycystic kidney disease – PKD – diagnosed at the age of ten. There were times when she spent more time in the hospital than at home.

Her parents, too, suffered as they watched their little girl endure pain and discomfort that they could do nothing about. Valen underwent multiple surgeries and medical procedures to address one problem after another.

From her battle in the womb to a serious motorcycle accident in 2007, Valen Cover is a woman of incredible inner strength and courage. One acquaintance commented: "You will not leave her presence without knowing her gift."

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