Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Our Inland Sea

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Our Inland Sea

Wolsak & Wynn, October 2015

From Wolsak & Wynn:

Step Right Up to Our Inland Sea!

  • Watch in amazement as a funnel cloud picks a fight with a Ferris wheel!
  • Learn the secrets of wrangling yeti and shooting sasquatch!
  • Experience thrills and chills as you visit the ghost towns of Ontario and China!
  • Marvel at the Coney Island Aquarium and the reclaimed Gold Rush Hotel!

With fantastical imagery and attention to detail, these poems pull you into a funhouse world where a prime minister walks you to school and Gordon Lish takes over a poem. You will encounter animals in uniform and realize the Snowpocalypse is not what you think. Read on, and discover all these astonishing phenomena…and many more!