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Recommended Reading: Dream Chasers by Barbara Fradkin

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Recommended Reading: Dream Chasers by Barbara Fradkin

Rendezvous Press, 2007

From the catalogue:
A seventeen-year-old sets out to meet her secret lover by an Ottawa waterfall. Three days later, her body washes up in the shallows. The public fears a sexual predator is on the loose, but Inspector Green suspects a more personal connection. His search for answers draws him into the world of elite young athletes, drugs and teenage sexuality. Then a social worker who knows too much disappears, and blood is found in the house of a star with NHL prospects. Unless Green can unravel the truth, how many others will pay the ultimate price for a young man’s dreams?

About the author:
Barbara Fradkin was born in Montreal and attended McGill, the University of Toronto and the University of Ottawa, where she obtained her PhD in psychology. Her work as a child psychologist has provided ample inspiration and insight for plotting murders, and she recently left full-time practice in order to be able to devote more time to writing.

Barbara has an affinity for the dark side, and her compelling short stories haunt several anthologies and magazines, including Storyteller, Canada’s Short Story Magazine, Iced (Insomniac Press, 2001), and the Ladies Killing Circle anthologies, including Fit to Die, Bone Dance and When Boomers Go Bad, published by RendezVous Press.

Her detective series features the exasperating, infuriating Ottawa Inspector Michael Green, whose love of the hunt often interferes with family, friends and police protocol. The four novels in the series are Do or Die (2000), Once Upon a Time (2002), Mist Walker (2003), and Fifth Son (Fall 2004). Once Upon a Time was nominated for Best Novel at the prestigious Arthur Ellis Awards, Canada’s top crime writing awards, and her latest title, Fifth Son won this prestigious award in 2005. The fifth in the series, Honour Among Men, (2006), repeated the honour, the only time that consecutive novels by the same author have won the award. The latest Green novel, Dream Chasers, was published in the fall of 2007.

An active member of Canada’s crime writing community, Barbara is the past president of the Crime Writers of Canada and is on the executive of the Ottawa chapter of Sisters in Crime. She resides in Ottawa with assorted pets and children, and in her spare time she enjoys outdoor activities and travelling.

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