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Recommended Reading: Fitzhenry and Whiteside Canadian Thesaurus

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Recommended Reading: Fitzhenry and Whiteside Canadian Thesaurus

Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 2001

The Fitzhenry and Whiteside Canadian Thesaurus is more than 1,200 pages and boasts more than 30,000 entries, 500,000 synonyms, 70,000 antonyms and is jam-packed with Canadian references from A to Z.

Look up the word district, for instance, and in addition to the usual synonyms and antonyms, the reader will find references to well-known neighbourhood districts such as Market Square in Saint John, Montreal's Balconville, Toronto's Cabbagetown and The Danforth, The Forks in Winnipeg, and Vancouver's Gastown, among others.

Under dessert it's difficult to imagine another reference book wherein baked Alaska and crème caramel sit side-by-side with blueberry grunt, jambuster, Joe Louis and Nanaimo bar.

The listing for flower provides the reader with the name of the official flower of each Canadian province and territory. Look up motto, tree or bird, and the provincial and territorial mottos, trees and birds are there as well.

And what thesaurus could call itself even remotely Canadian without at least a baker's dozen of synonyms for donut?

Hudson Bay Coat, McLaughlin Buick, Bricklin, Zamboni? Yes, they’re in here. So too are fiddlehead, Herring Choker and Digby Chick.

You'll have to find them.

From the catalogue. Read more about Fitzhenry and Whiteside Canadian Thesaurus at the Fitzhenry and Whiteside website.