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Universal Bureau of Copyrights

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Universal Bureau of Copyrights

BookThug, October 2014

From BookThug:

From multidisciplinary artist Bertrand Laverdure comes Universal Bureau of Copyrights, a story that's bold, strange, and wholly compelling in its vision of a world where free will doesn't exist and an unnameable global corporation buys and sells all the copyrights of things that exist on earth, including unreal and fictional characters. Laverdure is our tour guide to the "hole of the living." No one knows exactly why the hole exists or where the hole leads or ends. But once inside, everyone tries to keep busy, so as to avoid thinking about it. Part-narrative poetry, part-sci-fi dystopian fantasy, readers become acquainted with the main character, a man who deconstructs himself the further down the hole he falls. Having no control over his environment, time continuum, or body, he is a puppet on strings, an icon in a video game and, as he eventually discovers within the bowels of the Universal Bureau of Copyrights, the object of countless copyrights. With touches of Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions and Sterne's Tristram Shandy, Universal Bureau of Copyrights packs a multitude of modern cultural references into an audacious exploration of identity and one's place in the world.