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When Hell Freezes Over by Rick Blechta

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When Hell Freezes Over by Rick Blechta

Rendezvous Press, 2006

Stopped at a light in Birmingham, England. Suddenly the passenger door is wrenched open and a woman jumps in. Three thugs are pelting down the street after her. What would you do?

Michael Quinn does “the right thing” and races off into the night. But by doing this, he sets in motion a chain of events which ultimately turns his and several other lives into incredible turmoil. First, a close friend is brutally murdered and the girl disappears. Then he finds out that everything she told him was a lie – or was it?

He hires a very singular private investigator who picks up the girl’s trail and begins to discover their quarry is not at all what she seems. The situation becomes deadly serious for them both when the thugs come looking for Michael. They want something the girl has and he is the last one to have seen her. What are they after? Only by finding her can that question be answered and maybe, just maybe, it can be used to get Michael out of a hole that’s getting bigger with every passing moment.

The protagonist of Rick Blechta’s taut, new mystery is a former rock star. Twenty-four years earlier, he turned his back on a band which was on the verge of superstardom. Since then, Michael Quinn has spent his life running from everything he’d been. Now he’s been unwillingly thrust back into the spotlight and forced to confront what he was, what he is now -- what he might have become.

And will that finally be the moment when hell freezes over?

Visit Rick's website to view the book's e-card, to read deleted scenes, and to look at reference photos Rick took while researching When Hell Freezes Over.