Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015


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6. OMFG. A Radio Personality Called.

Eff you, Esteemed Book Editor. A certain Radio Personality (the “RP”) of the national broadcaster wants to talk to me on the air. OK, he didn’t call actually. His producer called.

This is like being asked to dance by the really good looking guy in Grade Eleven who drinks beer out of the back of his pick-up and has forearms like wrought iron from hauling nets with his father and lifting fish pans (sorry, this is not a culturally accessible image for mainland Canadian girls perhaps).

OMFG. What will I say to the RP? What if I clam up? What if I say stupid stuff? Or, what if he cancels? The producer is going to call and say it is a mistake. Actually, the RP hated your book. He probably said “this is sick,” and his producer thought that he was using “sick” in that new way that means amazing, but he meant the story was bad and now she has to tell me that he can’t talk to me because he has to wash his hair on Tuesday at 2:30.

How is it I have gone from ecstatic to sniveling anxiety in 8 seconds flat?

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Beverley Stone

Beverley Stone grew up in outport Newfoundland before moving to Toronto to attend Osgoode Hall Law School. Her first novel, No Beautiful Shore, is published by Cormorant Books (2008).

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