Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015


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9. How will I go on if the Radio Personality does not ever call?

I have gotten over things in the past. I have been turned down for jobs, past over for promotions and dumped by mean men (who I still secretly hope get communicable diseases that cause skin afflictions, preferably open sores and boils). But how will I go on if the Radio Personality disses me?

Finally, the CBC lets my publisher know that they might get around to No BS in June, when the Radio Personality is on holidays, replaced by a Less-Famous Radio Personality. This is a bit like waiting for an audience with the Queen and then being told that actually you will meet with the new Canadian grand-daughter-in-law because Herself is up in Scotland walking the corgies.

I am sure that the Less-Famous Radio Personality will be lovely. Sigh.

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Beverley Stone

Beverley Stone grew up in outport Newfoundland before moving to Toronto to attend Osgoode Hall Law School. Her first novel, No Beautiful Shore, is published by Cormorant Books (2008).

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