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Writers on TV survey: Nancy Jo Cullen

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Award-winning short story author and poet Nancy Jo Cullen is next up in our survey series.

Name: Nancy Jo Cullen

Recent work: Most recent book is a short story collection: Canary (Biblioasis)

How much time do you spend watching TV in a week?
14 (ish) hours

How much time do you spend watching TV in a week when the new Downton A Abbey/Game of Thrones/etc comes out?
I HATE Downton Abbey with a passion and have a socialist ramble on it. Never watched Game of Thrones despited my son's continual suggestion that I watch it. Haven't binged on OISTB or House of Cards either. I did put EVERYTHING aside in February to watch Fringe - which was flawed and cheesy and perfect for the coldest winter in 150 years. I'll show you my Fringe sweater one day. Actually when it's all finished and blocked I'll post it on FB so I will have posted something about TV on FB. I'm just putting off getting to the last sleeve as I might not have enough yarn (and then I have to pull out the other sleeve and think about how to finish the sleeves...)

How much time do you spend reading in a week?

Do you identify as a TV binge watcher?
Sometimes. But only in the winter and especially when knitting something.

Do you stream shows online?

Do you post about TV on social media (be honest)? No

Favourite TV show (current/all-time): 
Buffy the Vampire Slayer ranks high. Damages ranks high. Mork and Mindy, The Carol Burnett Show, The Friendly Giant, Chez Helene, Mr. Dressup

Favourite Canadian book/short story TV adaptation: 
Well, I watched the first Anne of Green Gables mini series because I loved the book as a girl, but I really have no idea about this one

Canadian book/short story you would like to see on TV: 
I think that Lisa Bird Wilson's collection Just Pretending would make for some great, very intense Canadian TV.

Graphic novel that you would like to see made into a TV series:
I'd love to see Dykes to Watch Out For [by Alison Bechdel] as a TV series.

Are TV series the new novels?
I can't say sometimes? Then no.  

Do you ever watch TV the old-fashioned way, y'know, on the television? 
Regularly. Although usually after a show is aired. On demand TV

How does that feel?
It feels just like watching tv. Sometimes boring. (You'd better bring knitting to justify it) Sometimes soothing, after a particularly bad day and I don't want to think. But it doesn't feel any different to me than watching tv on my laptop.

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