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Favourite books of 2014

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Every year I keep track of how many books I've read in the year. For the past two years I've made a Pinterest board, which I like because it's visual, but then I also tend to forget to add some books. What surprises me is actually how FEW books I read in a year. It's surprising because i read EVERY SINGLE DAY. How can it be that I only end up reading an average of 2 books a month? I used to read a book a day, when i was in the sixth grade. Anyway! Some of my favourites of the year --

The Dept of Speculation - which I mentioned yesterday I just read in the past couple of days after seeing it on the New York Times Best Books of 2014 list.

The Storied Life of AJ Fikry - I'm only part way through this because I got it for Christmas, but I am LOVING it. I can't see myself not loving it through to the end. Hmm I hope I didn't just jinx it.

Wonder - This story about a 10 year old boy with many disfigurations is about so much more.

Belzhar - I was just starting to feel like maybe i was reading too many YA books in a row (is there such a thing?) because I wasn't loving anything and then I read this and Wow. Also a lot of people I tell think you need to have read Bell Jar to love this - not true, though it is also one of my favourite books.

Mating for Life - although the author, Marissa Stapley is one of my best friends, I am not biasdly putting this book on the list. There were so many so-true moments and turns of phrase in this book that made me stop and re-read passages.

What made your list this year?

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