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Oh, hi there ...

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Come in, have a seat. Would you like coffee? Tea? Scotch? Oh right, it's Monday morning. Well, never mind. Welcome to my cozy little spot. I'll be here all month, and I'd love if you joined me. It makes me look less crazy if I'm talking to you than to myself.

I'm here because I'm an author of two novels for adults and two novels for teens.

(Wait, I think that's why I'm here. Otherwise, I really should practise a party trick, like cliff-diving.) You're probably here because you like books and writing, right? Because if you popped by hearing there was a cliff-diver, you'd be better off in Thailand or Canada's Wonderland. I won't be ready to perform for another 17 years or so.

What I plan to do here all month is seek out the answers to questions you want to know. Some questions I'll find the answers to, include:

- How long does it take to get published after you finish writing a book?

- Should I self-publish or go the traditional route?

- What if every publisher says no? Should I keep revising or start over?

- Does Lauren Conrad really write her own books?

I'll be talking to other writers, agents, editors, marking reps, and publishers to find out the answers to everything you want to know. Have a question? Leave it in the comments, then check back right here, for the answer.

See you tomorrow.

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What comes first - the agent or a book idea with some sample chapters? Is it best to have the whole thing finished before trying to get an agent?

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