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An Amazing Woman

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An amazing woman came to our town this past weekend. Her name is Saidat, and she did a workshop at the Girls Power Camp, a weekend camp run by folks from Women's Services and the local mental health centre. Saidat's program 'combines music, movement, and motivation in a high-energy presentation about self-esteem and character development'. She uses hip-hop dancing and positive messages to pump the kids up with a sense of their own strength and capabilities.
She does anti-bullying workshops and leadership events with kids of all ages, going around to schools, getting them moving and thinking about how they treat themselves and each other. She believes 'each person needs to take responsibility for their own thoughts and actions'.
The girls at the camp got a lot out of their time with her. Saidat also has a cd out of music with the kind of messages she imparts at her workshops.
Saidat's website is and she can be booked for events via her email address, It was a real gift to have her in the town.

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