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October 1st and first blog

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Good Saturday Morning, Toronto!
And Happy Birthday to Ms. Julie Andrews, 76 years young today!

I’m delighted to think that as you reached for your well-deserved second cup of coffee on this gray October morning, you also thought to reach for Open Book where for the next thirty-one days, I’ll be privileged to share with you so many of my own favourite things.

In keeping with my take on the joys and responsibilities of the writing life in the year 2011, and as befits a month of change and contrasts that stretches from Ms. Andrews through to Samhain and the Day of the Dead, I hope to offer you posts that are personal and political, reflective and recursive, somber and silly. It is of equal portent to me that my stint as Writer in Residence begins the day after the death of Robert Clifford Olson, (who preyed on children during the very months that I was pregnant with my first child in Vancouver and the only reason I've ever questioned my stand against the death penalty) and on the day when out over the Atlantic, a little girl named Ophelia gains strength.

Following the excellent advice of my predecessor, Farzana Doctor, and by way of introducing myself with teasing promises of what awaits you, please enjoy the following Top Ten Reasons to Tune in Next Time:

10. You’ll get to meet a man who makes Jesus Toast for a living.

9. Open Book has kindly opened the door for me to cover an extraordinary lineup of events at Harbourfront's International Festival of Authors.

8. There is an empty chair that should hold one Nasrin Sotoudeh and does not.

7. You’ve secretly always wanted to know more about Herodotus, Hieronymous Bosch and Home Children.

6. I’ll be posting tell-all photos of the real cottage and the real town in my first novel, When Fenelon Falls.

5. I’ll be posting excerpts from my second novel, Kerfuffle, which is about two-thirds written, and asking you to weigh in on where I should take it next.

4. Some marvelous Canadian writers and some amazing friends are going to come to call. In many cases the caller will be both.

3. It will be at least as interesting as picking lint off your curtains.

2. You’ll discover that the G20 protests have become such a complex issue of Canadian rights and freedoms that they can only be explained by Improv Comedy.

1. There is always more to a reference to Julie Andrews than meets the eye.

Have a wonderful Saturday and hope to see you Sunday,

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All right, ok, you have persuaded me. But I will be very disappointed if I do not learn more, "than meets the eye" about Julie Andrews. Looking forward to the pictures of Fenelon Falls, and excerpts from Kerfuffle.

And it will be interesting to see what can you add to a discussion of Hieronymous Bosch that has not already been written? (He lived in the same area of Holland, Brabant, where my great-great-great grandparents lived, and is from the town where my uncle resides today). Looking forward to the coming month!

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