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Please Don't Read This!

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October 6th: Sixth Post

Please don’t read this if you haven’t voted or haven’t made unbreakable plans to vote.

There’s nothing more important you should be doing today, so drop whatever you’re doing and get thee to a polling station! Just vote. That’s it, that’s all. Today, that’s everything.

If you’re still reading and you aren’t in either category A or B above, then shame on you.

How can you call yourself a book lover if you aren’t a student of history? My uncles who landed on Juno Beach are ashamed of you. My daughter who works with the most fragile and impoverished members of our city will send all her clients to your door if she loses her job in “fat cutting” health care cut backs. My son, knowing that he has realized his dream as a classical musician thanks at least in part to his dedicated arts teachers who had the time and energy to invest both in him, will expect you to be in classroom next September, stepping in for the teachers who will leave this province in droves if attacked again the way they were under Mike Harris. Or maybe you actually want fewer nurses, your hospital closed and a premier who will gleefully print homophobic hate literature?

If you’re still reading because you have voted, thank you.

We are all responsible for the kind of Ontario we wake up in tomorrow.

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