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So I have to start this blog out with a confession: I don't go to half as many literary events as I would like to support. By hermit standards, I'm out all the time, but increasingly — the more I write, actually — I find that I don't make all the launches, fundraisers, and readings that I intend to, even the ones I'd really like to see. Last night, I wanted to go to Zoe Whittall's launch for her new novel, Holding Still For As Long As Possible (Anansi), at the Gladstone, but in fact I was stuck at home weaving a cushioned seat for a reproduction Shaker elder's chair out of chair tape. (I'm serious — I need this chair finished for my own launch on October 13 — I'll explain its significance in a later post.)

When I was a teenager and dreaming of one day being a writer, it didn't occur to me that I might one day be preoccupied with something called "book party season." Let's be clear: I'm not complaining — I love books, good parties, and seasons, so combining them is fine by me. But I always miss something I wish I hadn't missed.

So today I'm consoling myself by watching Zoe's sweet and entertaining book trailer:

More and more, writers are creating cool book trailers and throwing them up on You Tube or Vimeo. Kathryn Borel Jr. (yes, junior) has several very funny and cheeky videos up to promote her memoir Corked (Wiley), which launches tonight at the Drake. Her synopsis is wonderfully dry, but you can also watch her fall off a stage while trying to hit a pinata. Oh how I love you internet.

I think these trailers — which work because they reflect the personality and spirit of the two writers in question — are a great way to promote a book beyond the limitations of the traditional (or even the untraditional) party.

Having said that, I'm looking forward to getting out of the house tonight after what feels like months of being locked away finishing various projects that had to be done by October 1. Now, I just need to dig out my scarf and mittens — looking out my window I see that summer is decisively over.

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