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I'm feeling very distracted. It's gloomy and windy — where are those crisp, blue-skied October days I dream about? aren't we going to get enough grey all winter long? — and it's making it difficult for me to concentrate. I have a couple things I wanted to talk about, but I am not in the mood. So I'm just going to let my mind wander lonely as a (menacing, ever-present) cloud over a few items of possible interest.

Tonight I'm going to see my friend Kate Boothman (who is in the band Sunbear that I was talking about it my last post; I read with them last night) play a solo set at the Mod Club opening up for Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star fame. I remember really digging Mazzy Star — there's a dark, leering undertone to her voice that makes for fine moody-girl music — but I haven't heard her more recent records. Toronto poet Kevin Connolly announced her genius to me out of the blue a week or two ago, though, so I am prepared to enjoy myself. In a dark, moody sort of way. I'm wearing a black turtleneck and everything.

Speaking of Kevin Connolly, he's on an East Coast reading tour with Coach House poet Matthew Tierney right now. I just found their amusing blog. I mean, literally, just now. I have only skimmed it, but already I notice a recurring theme of delicious, spicy food followed by digestive anxieties. Two great poets in a car for a week — only good can come of it. Tomorrow night is their last reading (in Halifax), so I'm a little late in the game with the blog, but it will be fun to check in on over the next couple days while they make their way home.

And in other news that I'm late on reporting, I'm thrilled that Dionne Brand is Toronto's new poet laureate. I'm going to do a mini-interview with her sometime in the next week or so, which I'll post up here. So stay, as they say, tuned.

Oh, and now the sun comes out — just in time to set.

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And yes, that Hope Sandoval show was great.

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