Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015


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This bird in the snow, illusion of content, luminously
arriving late in the day, here staring into the cold sky,

now, curving away, drawn to a background of detail.
What are we to solve in this? Are we to understand

what is seen or known, what fills the frantic eye
or empties the empty space, the bottomless sky?

This landscape caught emerging, the appearance
of meaning turned on its head, manifest realities

making mischief of our thinking. All of these are
ways of seeing the beginning of change, the other,

yet hardly noticing, looming up in front of us, elusive,
full of mysteries, the constellations we can hardly bear.

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Edward Carson

Edward Carson is twice winner of the E. J. Pratt Poetry Award in Canada and is the author of three books of poetry — Scenes, Taking Shape and Birds Flock Fish School.

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