Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Fall 2008

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Book Excerpt


Poetry by Barbara Klar

Barbara Klar's third collection of poetry, Cypress (Brick Books, 2008), is a poetic vision quest, a pilgrimage to the inner powers of landscape and a series of transformative meditations.


Hidden in Plain Sight

Toronto’s Literary Secrets Revealed

Every book is partly a puzzle to be assembled, a labyrinth to be explored by its reader, a repository of buried secrets waiting to be unearthed. No surprise that the mystery genre, in all its permutations, is so enduringly beloved, because it is in the nature of all readers to enjoy ferreting out concealed treasures and discovering secrets perhaps known only to themselves. Every city has similar hidden delights, and true city-lovers never tire of ferreting out the mysteries of their metropolis.


The Heavy Cold-War Eye of the Konvas 35

The Pontypool Crew Films Stayner

By Tony Burgess One of the fascinating virtues of higher technology is how it stokes the appetite for the lowest, most primitive processes. Look at the persistence of lo-fi sound recording in both independent and popular music. You can go even further back, to, say, impressionist painters who used the high technology of light, laying in careful beads of pure color to give the impression of "rough" work. Hi-fi has always been lo-fi’s supporting player.

The 48-Hour Interview

Throwing Books Through Flaming Hoops

A Conversation Between Two Reading Series Impresarios

Over a 48-hour period, Alex Boyd, award-winning writer and former host of the reading series at the IV Lounge (which closed its doors in the summer), and Chris Reed, bookseller and series coordinator for Pages Books & Magazines' This Is Not A Reading Series, interviewed each other about worldviews, educational reforms and how to captivate an audience of readers.

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