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Good Egg: A Foodie’s Dream

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Good Egg

Ideally situated in the vibrant Kensington Market, Good Egg is a book store devoted to the love of food. Stocked with the culinary and the quirky, this store has something for every appetite.

Good Egg’s theme, “The Good Life,” is reflected in its varied inventory. The main focus is food and drink, with subjects from cook books and the history of food to chef bios and “fiction with a culinary bent.” In addition, the store sells food-related, designer tchotchkes such as Baggu grocery bags, Bauer pottery and Midas cutlery. “But we also veer way off topic and carry books on many other topics,” says store-owner Mika Bareket, “primarily subjects that interest me, my staff and our regular customers: music, sports, fashion, film, gardening, children’s picture books, crafts, pets and a very healthy dose of joke books.” Good Egg also offers many cooking classes and workshops taught by professional chefs (details at

When asked what inspired the name Good Egg, Mika responded, “Get ready for a cheesy metaphor: an egg is like a store — it has a physical shell with (hopefully) something of great value inside. I also wanted to reinforce the idea that a bricks and mortar shop is a fragile thing, like an egg, but can be a very nurturing and satisfying experience. Also, traditional French recipe books begin with egg recipes. As far as the full name of the store goes, I love double entendres.”

“Kensington Market is the greatest show on earth, and very inspiring food wise,” says the store’s owner. The location attracts an eclectic clientele comprised of tourists, curious passers-by, foodies and book lovers alike. Good Egg’s customers range “from sleep-deprived chefs looking for ideas, to moms with a house full of kids who all want to eat something different,” says Mika. “But our typical customer is earnest and intelligent, with a quiet sense of humour and lots of varied interests. The store ‘culture’ is pretty much the best. We have a lot of regulars — many come in weekly, some daily.”

What is it about Good Egg that has people coming back for more? “My customers appreciate design as much as content and function,” says Mika. “Folks are looking for all-around good value from the items they decide to bring into their homes. I encourage and salute this ‘trend.’” Of course, the Grade A staff and the store’s fun atmosphere don’t hurt either.

When asked what can be expected from Good Egg in the future, the store-owner responded, “Refinement. We may expand or move one day, but as long as we’re in this 1000-square-foot box, I’d like to keep making it better.”

And one last thought from Good Egg: “We would like to be taken very seriously as a proper book store. Haha! As if.”

Visit Good Egg at 267 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, ON, M5T 2M2 or visit them online at

Danielle Webster is the editorial intern for Open Book: Toronto, with a degree in English literature and a certificate in publishing. She has worked as a bookseller for the past seven years. When Danielle is not reading kids and teen books, she is blogging about them at Bookish Notions.

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